The Hardest Advice to Give… And Take


root: ن-ص-ح / noun / plural: نَصائِح / definition: (piece of) advice

The hardest advice to give is probably the one that you have to give yourself—which is why I have (…reluctantly) forced myself to write this out and confront the truth eyes-to-screen.

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Four Simple Tips to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills in Arabic


root: ق-و-ل / noun / plural: مَقالات /definition: essay, article

So, you’ve studied Arabic for a while now. Simple sentences are old news (i.e. you’re silently pleading for your teacher not to go over jumlah ismiyyah yet again) and you’ve got a decent collection of relevant words all memorised. So you’re all set when your teacher asks you to write an essay about the topic in Arabic…right?

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How Should I Begin?


root: ب-د-ء / noun / plural: بدايات / definition: beginning, start

Starting is always the most difficult part, really: whether writing a blog or learning a language.

Thankfully, the days of using flashcards to learn the Arabic alphabet (and practising pronouncing ع and ح until my throat ached) are tucked away around five-years-deep in my vocab-cluttered memory.

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