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The Arabic Pages is a blog designed for Arabic students like me. Each week, I publish two new posts: from grammar explanations and synonyms to word-by-word translations, linguistic observations, vocabulary lists, and more!

How can you support the blog?

You can support The Arabic Pages by buying me a virtual “book” 📖, which will help me to continue creating regular and free learning content for Arabic students and running an ad-free (i.e. distraction-free!) website.

What’s a virtual book?

A virtual “book” is essentially a small unit of donation, equivalent to £3. So while neither you nor I will receive an actual book, you’ll be helping me to create lots of new content on The Arabic Pages for everyone to access!

Alternatively, you can become a member: in return for monthly support, you’ll get access to exclusive posts about my language learning journey!

Whether or not you can contribute financially, thank you for all of your support!

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