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root: ح-ل-ق / noun / plural: حَلَقات / definition: episode

I’m rushed off my feet this week and to top it off, I have an important deadline lying menacingly in wait on the footstep of Friday evening when it will, assuredly, catch me off-guard and drag me into the lair of panic that I’ve frequented so often, it has several caffeinated drinks waiting for me.

Still, it’s never too busy for a (short) blog post.

So I wanted to share this Arabic podcast I came across recently that’s all about literature. Right up my street.

It’s called أَسمار and you’ll find it on all the usual podcast platforms. I’ve listened to a few episodes this week already, and I think my favourite so far has been في رحاب الترجمة, which focuses on Arabic literary translation.

(My bus took a very long diversion that night, so I managed to finish the hour-long episode on the journey. Silver linings.)

I’m also around halfway through the episode on the Arabic haiku, which is well-worth a listen!

Note: أسمار is the plural of سَمَر—here’s the meaning from the Hans Wehr:

You can check out more of my resource recommendations here—have fun!

!في أمان الله

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