Academic Pursuits


root: س-ع-ي / noun / plural: مَساعٍ / definition: pursuit, endeavour

It’s been over a year since my last update about my language learning journey, where I wrote about all the uncertainties surrounding my return to the formal study of Arabic.

And the reason I haven’t given any updates until now is that my plans—like the rest of the population’s—were much too dependent on there not being a pandemic. Ah, the complacency!

Very, very fortunately, I finally have a really exciting update…

…I’m going back to university to do my master’s degree in Arabic!

I can’t express just how excited I am—not only to be studying formally again, but also having found what looks like an amazing course.

And gaining more in-depth Arabic knowledge and being more engaged with the language hopefully means more diverse posts on The Arabic Pages!

My desire to get back into the classroom—be it physical or virtual, I’ll take anything at this point—has set a ticking countdown in my head. And, while I’m nervous that my Arabic is a little rusty (especially my speaking skills *cringe*), I remind myself that degree courses are for learners, not experts.

So, that’s my main update… and my other update is the new support page on my blog!

Every week, in addition to working full-time and balancing my side projects, I make time to post two posts a week here—which are hopefully useful to Arabic students like you and I.

There’s now a way that you can support me to continue writing new, regular posts via my Buy Me a Coffee page. You can choose to either give a one-off contribution or become a member.

In return for monthly support, members will have access to exclusive posts on the platform about my language journey. So, if you’re an Arabic student or thinking about studying, you might be interested in reading about my experiences—especially as I embark on my Arabic master’s course.

Your support would be greatly appreciated and will help me to continue providing fresh and free content on The Arabic Pages and hosting an ad-free website.

That’s it in terms of updates! Don’t forget to check out last week’s grammar post and let me know in the comments below if there are any topics you’d like to see me post about in the future.

Bye for now, مع السلامة!

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3 thoughts on “Academic Pursuits

  1. Bittaufeeq for your next stage of life. Thanks for always keep “istiqamah” sharing here. Its means a lot for me.

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