Certainties and Uncertainties


root: ي-ق-ن / noun / definition: certainty

There’s a number of certainties in my life—one of them being that I must resume studying Arabic formally after this year-long hiatus that I decided to take.

And this “must” isn’t one of coercion (although everyone in my life seems to feel very strongly about me applying for postgraduate degrees). Instead, it’s a “must” of my self knowing that there’s only one direction I want to go in; and that’s further and further into Arabic.

So there’s where my certainty lies.

Now for the frustrating uncertainties:

  • What course should I do next?
  • Should I go straight into a masters degree?
  • Do I need to spend time abroad first?
  • Am I wasting time by being so indecisive about how to achieve my goals?

I’ve, so far, applied to two different year-long courses—one being an Arabic masters degree in the UK and the other being an Arabic programme abroad.

But that’s it.

Now I’m wondering whether I should be investing all of my hopes in only two things. But the disappointing reality is that the universities in the UK aren’t really providing a great range of Arabic masters courses to choose from.

Still, there are some other options which I’m considering applying for as well—and they really do have to be seriously considered seeing as I’m not at all certain about what the outcome of my two completed applications will be.

Doubt. Doubt. Doubt. I’m sure you can hear the tone coming across very clearly.

In times of uncertainty, though, all we can do is hold on to what we are certain about and find as many ways as possible towards it.

So Arabic remains my certainty. And the rest… we’ll have to wait and see… *shrugs*

إلى اللقاء, when there will hopefully be more clarity!

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