My Favourite Arabic Podcast is Back!


root: ع-و-د / verbal noun of form I / definition: return

Over a year ago, I shared with you the best Arabic podcast I’d found—recordings from The Arabic Circle, by the University of Chicago. The only issue was that new uploads stopped years ago and I was desperate for some new listening material.

(The episodes are somewhat reminiscent of my Arabic lectures at university, and have such a brilliant variety of topics.)

But then… I found out that they had resumed uploading recordings on their new webpage in April 2020!

Oh, how excited I was—the notion of pacing myself went out the window as I plugged in for a new episode that same evening (Kevin Blankinship’s talk, to be specific; I just love those poetry-related topics he covers).

For all intermediate and advanced Arabic learners, I highly recommend listening to both the old and new recordings. The pace is great and you’re bound to find topics that genuinely capture your interest.

On another note, I have been planning something similar for The Arabic Pages: uploading these podcast-style episodes and including a transcript so that you can follow along, whatever stage your listening skills are at.

That’s on pause for now though (pandemic-related delays, I’m sure you understand). But it’s noted down on my content idea board, so I fully envision it materialising at some point.

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I’ll see you on my next post, إلى اللقاء!

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