Five Arabic Verbs for “to Include”


root: ر-د-ف / noun / definition: synonymity

It’s hard to believe: it’s almost been a full year since I started posting on The Arabic Pages, and Wehr Wednesdays #49 was our 100th post! (Most surprising is that I’ve kept up with two posts a week. Two!)

As for today’s post—a.k.a. #101—we’re diving into another edition of the synonyms series with five Arabic verbs for “to include”.

Of course, in Arabic, there are more than just five verbs to express the meaning of “to include”, but the following ones are amongst the most common:

تَضَمَّنَ / يَتَضَمَّنُ

root: ض-م-ن

form: V


.يَتَضَمَّنُ النَصّ ثَلاث نَصائح رئيسية

The text includes three main pieces of advice.

شَمِلَ / يَشمَلُ

root: ش-م-ل

form: I


هل يَشمِلُ ذلك هذه القَرية أيضاً؟

Does that also include this village?

اِشتَمَلَ / يَشتَمِلُ على

root: ش-م-ل

form: VIII


.اِشتَمَلَ التَّقرير على اِقتِباسات مِن الوُزَراء

The report included quotes from the ministers.

اِحتَوى / يَحتَوي على

root: ح-و-ي

form: VIII


.تَحتَوي هذه الأفلام الجديدة على قِصَص حقيقيّة

These new films include real life stories.

اِنطَوى / يَنطَوي على

root: ط-و-ي

form: VII


.يَنطَوي المَنهَج الدِّراسي على دُروس عن تاريخ العالَم العربي

The curriculum includes lessons about the history of the Arab world.

This list might be particularly useful for those writing essays in Arabic—variety is always a good thing!

And if you are writing Arabic pieces of text, you might also find this post helpful: Four Simple Tips to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills in Arabic.

That’s all for this post, I’ll see you on the next one… مع السلامة!

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