Another Use of أصبح


root: خ-د-م / verbal noun of form X / plural: اِستِخْدامات / definition: use

Previously, in this post, I mentioned that the verb أَصبَح / يُصبِح can mean “to become”. For example, “the man became a doctor” or “the situation became dire”—i.e. one thing becoming something else. But there’s another use of أصبح too.

When أصبح is followed by a present tense verb, it can mean something along the lines of “to come to a point where…”. And it can often simply be translated as “to come to (do something)”.

Let’s take some concrete examples to make more sense of this:

يَبدو أنّ القَمَرَ أَصبَحَ يُجسِّدُ مَفْهوم الجَمال في شِعرِه

it seems that the moon came to embody the concept of beauty in his poetry

أَصبَحْتُ أَجِد عُيوباً في كُلّ شَيء كَتَبْتُه

I came to find faults in everything that I had written


I came to a point where I found faults in everything that I had written

أَصبَحَ الناسُ في الشام يَستَعمِلون هذا التَعْبير في حَياتِهِم اليَوميّة

people in the Levant came to use this expression in their everyday lives

Just always remember to conjugate the verbs and it’s as simple as that!

I hope this was useful and easy to understand. Feel free to leave any comments or questions you may have below, and remember to share with others!

!مع السلامة

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