Small But Useful Arabic Phrases That You Need To Know (Part 2)


root: ع-ب-ر / noun / plural: عبارات / definition: phrase, expression

Back in December, I posted a list of Small But Useful Arabic Phrases That You Need To Know. But seeing as you can never have too much vocabulary in Arabic, I felt compelled to put together a Part 2—so here’s some more very useful Arabic expressions:

مَبْنيّ على

based on, resting on

على الفَور

immediately, instantly

لَيسَ … بِما يكفي

not … enough


except, other than


nothing more than

بِمَعْنى أن

in the sense that


only, and no more

بِكُلّ مَعْنى الكَلِمة

in every sense of the word

بَعْضَ الشَيْء


عَلى الأَقَلّ

at least

عَلى الأَكثَر

at most

مِن ناحِية

with regards to, as for, in terms of




approximately, around, roughly

عَلى المَدى الطَويل

in the long term

عَلى المَدى القَصير

in the short term

… عَلى الصَعيد

on a (insert adjective) plane/level (e.g. على الصعيد السياسي = on a political level)

مِن أيِّ وقتٍ مَضى

than ever before

في سِياق

in the context of

خالٍ مِن

free from, devoid of

لِحَدٍّ كَبير

to a large extent

المَذكور أعْلاه

the above-mentioned

في نِهاية الأَمْر

at the end of the day


in conclusion

بِلا شَكّ

without a doubt, undoubtedly

So there’s some more expressions to add to your repertoire! You’d be surprised at how much understanding small expressions like the ones above help in your overall understanding of any Arabic resource.

(There really are too many small but useful phrases to choose from, so maybe there’ll be a Part 3 soon… keep an eye out!)

!مع السلامة

Edit: you can now find part 3 here! I’ve also created a vocab set on Quizlet containing all of the small but useful Arabic phrases so far.

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