Small But Useful Arabic Phrases That You Need To Know (Part 3)


root: ن-ف-ع / adjective, active participle of form I / definition: beneficial, useful

It’s definitely time for another post in the small but useful phrases series, where I present you with short pieces of vocabulary that can have a big impact on your understanding and writing of Arabic. Let’s get straight into Part 3!

قائِم على

based on

في حاجة إلى

in need of

على أَساس

on the basis of


as if, as though


like, as, equivalent to

في هذا الصَّدَد

in this respect, with regards to this

غَنِيّ عن الذِّكْر

needless to mention, it goes without saying

مُرْتَبِط بِـ

connected, linked to

مُتَعَلِّق بِـ

related/connected to, concerning


since, as

بِما أنَّ

since, seeing as



على أن

on the condition that, provided that


by reason of

يُمْكِن أن

it is possible to

في مِثْل هذه الأُمور/الحالات

in matters/cases like these

مِن جَرّاء

because of, as a result of, due to

اِسْتِناداً إلى

based on, on the basis of


being that, the fact that it is…

ما لَم

(not…) unless

مِن مِنظور

from the point of view of

مِن جِهة/ناحِية

on one hand

مِن الناحِيةِ الأُخْرى

on the other hand

آلَ بِهِ المَطاف إلى

to eventually get to a point where

العَلاقة بَيْنَ

the relationship/link between

There you have it: twenty-five new phrases to help you on your way to fluency! (And if you want to know my thoughts on what “fluency” really means, you should have a read of this post.)

And remember, you can revise all of the vocabulary from these small but useful Arabic phrases posts via this vocabulary set I created on Quizlet.

!إلى اللقاء

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