Uncommon Arabic Words for Rain


root: م-ط-ر / noun / plural: أَمطار / definition: rain

In our Wehr Wednesdays series, we’ve seen two phrases so far related to rain:

  • #138: سحّت السماء (“it rained cats and dogs”)
  • #180: بغشت السماء (“there was a light shower”)

Both of them, though, are phrases with a verb and the word for “sky” as the subject. But what about the different Arabic words for rain (مطر) itself?

Today we’re adding to the fairly-new series of posts, Uncommon Arabic Words for…, which contain vocabulary lists that I’ve been updating as and when I come across new words.

Here’s what I’ve found so far in terms of uncommon Arabic words for “rain”:




drizzle, lasting fine rain


light rain shower

(see Wehr Wednesdays #180)


drizzle, fine rain

(this word also means “dew”—I guess both refer to very small droplets of water)




heavy rains


downpour, heavy shower


light shower

(can we consider زخّة and رخّة word twins? Perhaps they’re more like siblings… they both refer to rain, but of different intensities)




heavy downpour

(these two words are obviously derived from the same root—the latter has some very interesting collocations, though)

Now these last two are phrases that don’t necessarily introduce new words for “rain”, but they still seemed relevant(!):

هُطول الأَمْطار

downpour, heavy rain

كارِثة الأَمْطار

torrential rains

Have you come across any other Arabic words for the rain?

!إلى اللقاء

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