Four Arabic Verbs Meaning “to Urge”


root: غ-م-ر / noun / plural: مُغامَرات / definition: adventure

Somehow, my classmates and I are nearly halfway through our Amman adventure, and with all the new words and phrases we’ve been picking up, I couldn’t resist writing a vocabulary-based post this week.

Now the specific set of synonyms in this post—which all mean “to urge (someone to do something)”—has nothing to do with my time abroad (well, it wasn’t a conscious choice at least), but these verbs were typed into my personal synonyms list long ago and just haven’t had their time to shine until today.

So here are four verbs that all mean “to urge”, the prepositions associated with them, and an example sentence for clarification and comparison purposes:

حَثَّ / يَحُثُّ

root: ح-ث-ث

form: I

prepositions: على (to do something)


حَثَّتهُ على اتّخاذِ قرار

she urged him to make a decision

حَفَزَ / يَحفِزُ

root: ح-ف-ز

form: I

prepositions: إلى or على (to do something)


حَفَزَتهُ على/إلى اتّخاذِ قرار

she urged him to make a decision

حَدا / يَحدو

root: ح-د-و

form: I

prepositions: إلى (to do something), sometimes بـ is used to introduce the someone, i.e. who is being urged


حَدَته/حَدَت بِهِ إلى اتّخاذِ قرار

she urged him to make a decision

أَهابَ / يُهيبُ

root: ه-ي-ب

form: IV

prepositions: بـ (someone), إلى (to something)


أَهابَت بِهِ إلى اتّخاذِ قرار

she urged him to make a decision

Feel that lexicon of yours expanding?

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I’ll see you on my next post, مع السلامة!

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