The Online Dictionary for Arabic Dialects


root: ل-ه-ج / noun / plural: لَهْجات / definition: dialect

I can’t believe we officially hit the 200th-post mark with Wehr Wednesdays #99, where we looked at the phrase ضاح للشمس—a phrase which has been allocated to the “I love this bit of vocab and I can’t explain why” section of my brain (where the verb طفِق also resides, that’s another mightily cool one for me).

My brain was just about to wander off to calculate how many hours I’ve possibly spent on all these posts but we have something more important to discuss, because a new Arabic resource has recently been added to my favourites bar! And anything that’s earned a place up there, alongside the Hans Wehr, has to be shared.

Living Arabic is an online dictionary where you can search not only words in Classical/Modern Standard Arabic, but also in various dialects!

You can search by the Arabic root or the Arabic or English word, and choose the variety of Arabic you want (or select a combination of them for comparison). And, if you want to contribute to the site, you can suggest Arabic words for them to add.

The website also has articles and learning resources, such as this post about pronunciation in Levantine Arabic and audio resources. I haven’t checked the resources out very thoroughly, but there’s some useful stuff there from what I’ve seen—so take a look if you’re learning a dialect or are just curious!

In other news, I think I’ve come up with a pretty good idea for my master’s dissertation—related to Arabic literature, of course. I’m not sure how this particular idea came to me so suddenly about a week ago, because for the last two years that I’d spent floating around on a far-too-long gap “year” (*cough* two years), I couldn’t narrow anything down!

I guess that means my brain is tuning in again to doing research, so I’m very happy about that. And the feeling of being in an Arabic class once more is unparalleled.

Anyway, I’ll see you on my next post!

!في أمان الله

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