Wehr Wednesdays #92

A new word or phrase from the Hans Wehr dictionary, every Wednesday.

حشرج ḥašraja and II taḥašraja to rattle in the throat

Root: ح-ش-ر-ج

Page: 210*

Example: “تَحَشرَجَ صَوتُهُ حينَما أَلقى كَلِمَتَه”

Translation: “his voice trembled as he delivered his address”


  • حَشرَجَ / يُحَشرِجُ / الحَشرَجة is a form I quadriliteral (4-letter root) verb, while تَحَشرَحَ / يَتَحَشرَجُ / التَّحَشرُج is a form II—you can find a table of quadriliteral verb forms here!
  • We can also use the active participle of the form II in the phrase بِصَوت مُتَحَشرِج, meaning “with a trembling voice”.
  • A few weeks ago we looked at compound quadriliteral verbs—I suspect حشرج comes from merging the roots ح-ش-ر and ح-ر-ج, what do you think?

You can now revise all of the Wehr Wednesday vocab so far on Quizlet here to stay on top of things!

* The Hans Wehr Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic, 4th Edition

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