Two of My Favourite Arabic Blogs


root: د-و-ن / noun / plural: مُدَوَّنات / definition: a blog

The Arabic Pages certainly isn’t the only blog out there focused on the Arabic language, and I’ve come across so many brilliant online resources since I started studying Arabic.

My intention is to (eventually) make a list of all the best Arabic resources so I don’t lose any in my scattered notes and the sea of tabs I have open on various devices. But while that’s on hold, I really wanted to share with you two Arabic blogs that I love reading.

The first is the amazing Arabic for Nerds run by Gerald Drißner.

If either of those two names sound familiar, then you might be remembering my book review of (or—more aptly—my excited rambling about) Drißner’s seriously good Arabic grammar book, Arabic for Nerds 2.

On the Arabic for Nerds blog, you’ll find so many impressive posts about grammar, as well as resources and recommendations.

I also advise checking out the 9273 roots series, where Drißner asks other Arabic enthusiasts 20 questions related to the language and their experiences with it. You’ll likely pick up some cool recommendations there too, as well as new vocabulary!

As for the second blog I wanted to mention, it’s The Arabic Student.

While you can find posts on this blog about MSA and various other dialects, I think those learning Levantine Arabic will find it particularly useful.

The Arabic Student has a collection of posts about the Levantine dialect which are mainly based on media clips. The blogger writes out the transcript of clips from TV shows, for example, and then explains the language used. You can tell that so much time and effort went into these posts and the results are super useful for the rest of us.

Unfortunately, The Arabic Student blog is no longer active, with the last post being years ago. But there’s definitely enough there to benefit from. (And you can check out the videos on the YouTube channel too!)

So, these are just two of the Arabic resources I love, but what about you? What are your favourite Arabic-related blogs or online resources? Let us know in the comments below!

And if you’d like to read about some more resources, take a look through these posts.

See you soon,

!إلى اللقاء

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