Unearthed Vocabulary


root: ه-ج-ر / passive participle of form I / definition: abandoned

Anyone who’s visited the Vocabulary page on this blog recently may have found themselves feeling as though they’d stumbled upon a long-abandoned site, with the ominously-hopeful message “More vocabulary lists coming soon!” an echo of a curious past that makes you wonder what came to be of such a promising, flourishing hub of activity.

But fear not, (vocabulary) explorers. Because I’ve very much revived the vocabulary-lists-by-topic collection with a sparkling new list.

I’m slightly hesitant to say “new” because I actually put together the list just now after unearthing scatterings of these pieces of vocabulary in the notes on my old phone and on an unpublished page on this blog, from around two to three years ago when I originally planned to create the list…

But whether it’s new or just newly-discovered, I present to you the Ancient Egypt vocabulary list!

Whilst writing this post, I also remembered that I have a Quizlet set which I’d put together after watching some Arabic documentaries about Ancient Egypt. So I’ll be going through that and adding some more relevant words and phrases to the list here too.

And if you haven’t already, check out the Literature and Space vocabulary lists, both of which contain links to the relevant Quizlet set where you can study the vocabulary. I’ll be creating a study set for the Ancient Egypt list soon as well.

What other vocabulary lists would you like to see in the future?

!مع السلامة

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One thought on “Unearthed Vocabulary

  1. I appreciate your vocabulary list. Since you write a lot about grammar points, one suggestion for the future list could be vocabulary list of grammar (tense, pronouns, cases, etc.,)

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