Four Arabic Verbs for “to Bring”


root: ء-خ-ر / adjective / definition: other

We’re adding another post to the synonyms series today by looking at four ways to say “to bring” in Arabic.

Here they are:

جَلَبَ / يَجلِبُ

root: ج-ل-ب

form I

أَحضَرَ / يُحضِرُ

root: ح-ض-ر

form IV

Now the next two verbs combine with the causative ب to create the meaning of “to bring”:

جاءَ / يَجيءُ بِـ

root: ج-ي-ء

form I

أَتى / يَأتي بِـ

root: ء-ت-ي

form I

These final two verbs have a hamza as part of the root; take a look at Seats of the Hamza (ء) to see why the letter stands alone in the first one but is placed on top of an alif in the second!

As always, this list doesn’t cover all of the Arabic verbs or phrases for “to bring”—do you know any others?

!مع السلامة

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