Wehr Wednesdays #174

A new word or phrase from the Hans Wehr dictionary, every Wednesday.

وقاحة waqāḥa impudence, insolence; impertinence, sauciness, cheek, nerve

Root: و-ق-ح

Page: 1275*

Example: “!ثُمَّ طَلَبَ مَزيداً مِنَ الوَقتِ—يا لَلوَقاحة”

Translation: “and then he asked for more time—the cheek!”

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* The Hans Wehr Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic, 4th Edition

2 thoughts on “Wehr Wednesdays #174

  1. Hey this a pretty funny word! I don’t fully understand the second part of the sentence though. The لَل part of لَلوَقاحة. If it is not a bother, could you please explain that?

    1. Hi Thomas, great question!
      So يا لَـ expresses astonishment of some sort. You’ll see it in phrases like يا لَلهَول (“oh how terrible!”) and يا لَلداهية (“what a disaster!”). We also find phrases with a possessive pronoun suffix after the لَـ followed by مِن, like يا لَهُ مِن رجل (“what a man!”) and يا لَها من فكرة رائعة (“what an amazing idea!”).
      In the example sentence, يا لَـ combines with الوقاحة to give us يا لَلوقاحة (“what cheek/nerve!” or simply “the cheek!”).
      Does that answer your question?

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