Distance and Perspective


root: ب-ع-د / noun / plural: أَبْعاد / definition: distance, dimension

So I’m back from my one-week solo trip to Istanbul which was perfect on all fronts. To feel so immersed in history, culture, spirituality… and to be there with my thoughts alone… was simply unbeatable.

With every step I took through the palaces, museums, and mosques, and across the bridges over the Golden Horn, and with every breathtaking sweeping view from the city’s rooftops, I felt as though I was stepping back to look at my own life.

Istanbul offered, among many things, perspective. About what I’m doing, and where I want to be.

And it’s kept me thinking even as I returned back to London and received my official grade for my master’s degree (a distinction!) yesterday afternoon.

With my PhD application deadline just three weeks away though, I feel as though I need to pause the thoughts and ideas whirling whimsically around my mind, and concentrate on the tasks at hand in the present.

But I’m inspired, and approaching things with a new sense of clarity and a new vision.

And of course, despite only practising my Turkish in Istanbul, I didn’t completely forget about Arabic; I picked up this little Arabic-to-Turkish pocket dictionary on the last day of my trip:

So cute.

!إلى اللقاء

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