Three Ways to Say “Seize the Opportunity” in Arabic


root: ح-ر-ر / noun / definition: heat

I’ve been making the most of the heat and sun these two days with (very) mini sunbathing sessions in the garden fuelled by several litres of water and regular respite inside the somewhat-cooler house. Living in the UK, I feel like I need to make the most of whatever sun we’re lucky enough to get.

(I’ve also been watching A Place in the Sun enviously for the past two weeks, wishing it was me house-hunting in the Mediterranean—one day إن شاء الله…)

So it seems fitting we take a look this week at three different ways to say “to seize the opportunity” in Arabic:

اِنتَهَزَ الفُرصةَ

اِنتَهَزَ / يَنتَهِزُ is a form VIII verb from the root ن-ه-ز, and فُرصة is a noun meaning “chance” or “opportunity” which features in all three phrases in this list.

We can also say انتهز (شيئاً) فرصةً لِـ to mean “to use (something) as an opportunity for”.

(Note: if you’re unsure why we write شيئاً as it is, instead of شيءاً or شيأاً etc, then check out Seats of the Hamza (ء)!)

اِغتَنَمَ الفُرصةَ

اِغتَنَمَ / يَغتَنِمُ is another form VIII verb, but from the root غ-ن-م (yes, the same root as غَنَم, “sheep”).

If you take a look in the Hans Wehr, you’ll also find that the form X verb from this root (اِستَغنَمَ / يَستَغنِمُ) can also be used in this phrase with the same meaning.

اِستَغَلَّ الفُرصةَ

اِستَغَلَّ / يَستَغِلُّ is a form X verb from the root غ-ل-ل. We might be familiar with this verb with its meaning of “to exploit” or “to take advantage of”.

While you’re here, seize the opportunity and take advantage of all the synonyms posts to expand your personal lexicon, and I’ll catch you tomorrow for the next addition to the Wehr Wednesdays series.

!في أمان الله

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