Using عدم


root: ع-د-م / noun / definition: nonexistence, absence, lack

The word عَدَم is a noun meaning “nonexistence”, “absence”, or “lack (of)”. When it’s used in an إضافة with a following noun, it can often be translated as a prefix like non-, un-, or dis-.

Let’s look at some examples…

عَدَمُ الاِستِقرارِ


عَدَمُ المُساواةِ


عَدَمُ التَّسامُحِ


عَدَمُ الاِنحِيازِ


عَدَمُ الوُجودِ


عَدَمُ الاِكتِراثِ


عَدَمُ الراحةِ


So عدم is similar to إعادة in that they’re both nouns which form إضافة phrases in Arabic but are usually translated into English as prefixes. Cool stuff.

I hope this was useful, don’t forget to check out the other grammar explanations on the blog and last week’s post too, where I talk about my recent obsession with another language group!

!في أمان الله

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