Arabic Vocabulary Resource for Students


root: و-ر-د / noun / plural: مَوارِد / definition: resource

It’s reading week already—which means this year is going entirely too fast and I’m mildly wildly panicking about what I’m going to do next September. At least, though, I finished writing the first essay that I actually enjoyed researching so far this year.

Anyway, today I thought I’d share a great Arabic vocabulary resource which will no doubt come in handy for us students.

The Desert Sky website has over thirty Arabic vocabulary lists, organised by topic. The six in the media section will be especially useful for university students studying Arabic (the media is pretty much the main focus for universities).

Some vocabulary lists on the site also show the Egyptian dialect variation for words beside the Modern Standard Arabic, and the Arabic in both cases is always transliterated.

You’ll also find some grammar posts there too. I haven’t personally gone through them, but they seem to cover the basics. Each topic is marked with MSA and/or EA (Egyptian Arabic).

Whatever stage of your language journey you’re at, you’ll never stop needing to learn vocabulary. So if you’re not sure how to build up your lexicon, I’d suggest starting with these vocab lists!

Also, I’ve created two subject-specific vocabulary lists so far on this blog which each have their own Quizlet set linked. I’ve been meaning to add some more lists but my mind (and to-do list) is very all-over-the-place at the minute—so the next list might take a while to finish…

Finally, don’t forget to check out my dissertation topic ideas for Arabic students if you’re in your final or penultimate year at university and are in need of some inspiration, and I’ll see you on my next post!

!في أمان الله

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