Different Ways to Say “During” in Arabic


root: ف-ت-ر / noun / plural: فَتَرات / definition: interval, period

Sometimes it’s the little things, right? Like those little words you end up using all the time and you’re left craving some variety.

And here I bring you that variety—in the form of a small collection of Arabic synonyms, all meaning “during“.

There are four main words we’re looking at here, and three of them appear in two different forms:

  • as a preposition (حرف جرّ) ending in a fatha
  • in a phrase with في, and ending in a kasra

When they occur in the phrase with في, they form an إضافة with the following word. So, whether they’re lone prepositions or in a phrase, all of the synonyms below cause the following noun to be مجرور.


root: خ-ل-ل


في خِلالِ

root: خ-ل-ل



root: ث-ن-ي


في أَثناءِ

root: ث-ن-ي



root: ء-ب-ن


في إبّانِ

root: ء-ب-ن


في غُضونِ

root: غ-ض-ن


(We actually looked at this phrase in Wehr Wednesdays #25!)

So that’s seven ways to say “during” in Arabic! Why not try using some of them in your next piece of writing?

I’ll catch you back here tomorrow, for our next post in the Wehr Wednesdays series.

!في أمان الله

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