A Dissertation, More Poetry, and Moving Forward


root: ن-ه-ي / noun / definition: end, finish

This year has felt long in many ways, but as I approach my dissertation’s September deadline, I feel as though I’m being outpaced by time.

I’ll admit I’ve been a bit too laid-back about my dissertation until now (as panic starts to tap urgently on my door). Maybe I forgot how much I loved planning my undergrad dissertation, how much I loved the analysis, and how much I loved watching everything come together.

Well, I remember now. And hopefully it’s not too late to write a decent dissertation, although I’m still reading through what seems like an expanding collection of poems, extracting lines and metaphors to analyse.

The fact that I’ve got some summer trips planned too, between now and my final, looming deadline (which will undoubtedly be unconducive to any sort of progress with my dissertation) is all the more motivation to stay close to my desk right now.

But as we prepare to slide into August, I’m reflecting, planning, and looking forward to what’s to come. And it looks like that I’m about to venture further into academia—both in terms of teaching (!) and, after a little break, studying for a PhD. Maybe.

I’m already looking forward to so much, but I’ll have more time to get excited and think about a PhD when I get this dissertation submitted.

(Note: if you’re having trouble choosing a dissertation topic, see Dissertation Topic Ideas for Arabic Language Students for some inspiration!)

Time to hit the books again, ciao folks, وإلى اللقاء!

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