Something Along These Lines…


root: ف-ن-ن / noun / plural: فُنون / definition: art

In much more succinct terms than those which appeared in its title, my dissertation explored specific expressions of the concept of “homeland” (الوَطَن) in Arabic poetry.

I still find myself re-reading it, months after graduation, because the intrinsic links between “homeland”, language, and conceptual metaphors (among many other spheres of meaning) never lose my interest.

And—in contrast to my dissertation’s analytical, psycholinguistic approach to the topic—I have recently begun to explore the concept of “homeland” through another medium: art.

Here’s some of my work:

(Plus the image at the top of this post!)

AlongTheseLinesCo seemed like the perfect name for this artistic exploration of what homeland means.

So, in light of this, I’ve added a page to this blog for my art (here) with links to my Instagram and Etsy, where I sell pieces like those above.

Do check them out if you are interested and want to know more!

!إلى اللقاء

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